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Welcome to the School of Materials Science and Engineering at Oklahoma State University (OSU).

The field of Materials Science and Engineering (MS&E) is expanding into a period of unprecedented intellectual challenges, opportunities and growth. Nanostructured materials, Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) devices, carbon nanotubes (CNT), grapheme, diamond coatings prepared at low pressure and low-temperature, Li-ion battery materials, and high-temperature superconductivity are just few examples of advances in this field. MS&E is crucial to the strength of our economy and security. Processing of these materials is also equally challenging. It is now possible to engineer surface properties different from the bulk properties for various applications, and to tailor materials from atomic scale upwards to achieve the desired functional properties of devices. The research programs in the School of Materials Science and Engineering will train our next generations to design materials for specialized uses, making materials reliable and useful to mankind. This fits OSU's mission of promoting human and economic development through the expansion of knowledge and its application.

To meet this need, a School of Materials Science & Engineering (MS&E) was recently created. The school is located at OSU-Tulsa's Helmerich Advanced Technology Research Center (HATRC), a premier facility which places the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology (CEAT) in a unique position to conduct world-class education, research and technology development and transfer in advanced materials of strategic importance to our nation. Some of the current research focus of the MS&E programs are in materials for Energy Technologies, Bio-Materials for Medical Technologies, Advanced Materials for Aerospace and Defense, and Materials for Electronics and Control Technologies.

We have outstanding faculty, research facilities for advanced characterization of materials, and dedicated staff to help you achieve your full potential as future engineer, researcher and academician.

Welcome again and I look forward to your continued help and support of our programs.


Raj N. Singh, Sc.D. 
Williams Companies Distinguished Chair Professor 
Head, School of Materials Science and Engineering
Director Energy Technologies Program 

Phone: 918-594-8650
email: rajns@okstate.edu

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